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Michael Kruger Photography

Thanks so much for attending my Nikon talk 
"How to run a successful photography business". 
As promised all the references I mentioned are 
here. If you need any advice or anything that 
you feel may be of benefit to you, please pop 
me a quick email or message. 

Thank Michael 

History - Important Photographers:
- “IN VOGUE” Published by Rizzoli New York

Photo Training Institutes:
Nikon School:
Gulf Photo Plus:

Model Mayhem - Social site dedicated to online networking
with fellow creatives:

Will Smith post about Failure:

Equipment and Studio Rental:
Hot Cold:

Free accounting software:

Affordable Accounting Firm:
CT Consultancy:
Contact: Caroline +971 50 8760419

Retouching and Editing References:
Karl Taylor Master Classes:

Bruce Smith Fashion Photography Book:

Affordable Website Templates:
Creative Motion Design:

Michael’s Fashion Video:

Shaw Academy for short courses in business, social media etc

FacebookInstagramWebsites for Photographers
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